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Rules to play casino back gammon

Backgammon - Wikipedia

It is the gambling game played from the past. Back gammon is the oldest casino game at the casino 96aceidn. Here we use boards for playing. It is board game. In olden days boards were popularly used for playing casino games, then as years went many new methods developed. The game is originated in Mesopotamia before 5000 years. Dice were used for playing this game. Two dice are used here. It is normal dices. And chips were used for further game moves. It is easy and simple game. No rules were followed for this game. It will differ for each and every country. Though it was the oldest game, it is widely played still all over the world. Because of the simplicity and easy to understand, the game is liked more in casino centers.

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Play the game effortlessly

Here we use some basic rules for back gammon. Only two players can be in the game in a time, not more than that. The board is constructed in such a way for playing the game. 24 triangles are found in the board. Both side will have 12 triangles and it called as points. The chips were placed on the points. The players need to roll the dice. Both the dices need to rotate correctly. If one dice didn’t roll properly, the player once again needs to roll the dice. Before starting the game both players need to roll the dices, player with higher dice number count will start the game first. If both players get the same numbers on the dices, need to roll the dices once again. It is completely based on the skill moves. It is easy to learn the game but it is difficult to win the matches. It is mostly attracted game among the people. 

Here the luck will be low. We need to be clear in our focus while playing. It is main thing in this game. While keep on playing more games we can know the tricks for winning. No one can win at the first move, by chance in luck we can win the game. But it is so rare. The main concept is anyone player needs to clear all the 15 pieces of chips before the other player complete the game. If they clear all the chips, then the player wins the game. It is played in online too. Like chess, it is also played worldwide. We use our brain skill a lot. We need to move the chips to one, and then only we can win the game. It is fast moving game too. If we felt any laziness or boring during the play we can speed up the game using the doubling dice method. In this dice the numbers will be doubled like 4, 8, 16, 32, 64. So the players can move the game fast and finish it as soon as possible. During doubling game, only one dice is used for playing. Based on our skill strategic only we can win the game at ease. 


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