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Sit And Go: Tips To Start Playing Texas Hold’em Poker

Sit And Go: Tips To Start Playing Texas Hold’em Poker

If you find yourself playing a Texas Hold’em Poker Sit and Go in the early stages, the general advice is to play only when you have premium hands in hand and do not bet if you are holding lower hands.

Another strategy tip is that if you are playing from late position and everyone is calling, you have to call too, to reveal the flop , obviously without spending too much.

The best way to play the early stages of Texas Hold’em Poker Sit & Go tournaments is to only play with high value pairs, AK and AQ, if you are in early position , the same combinations plus medium pairs, AJ and AT if you are playing in mid-position and what has been said so far plus low pairs, KQ and KJ when starting from late positions.

The raise (raise) in Texas Hold’em Poker sit and go

In Texas Hold’em Poker sit &gos, it is always better to be the first to raise when entering the pot , in fact one of the general advice given by all poker pros is to re-raise preflop in front of a raise of a opponent only with top-premium hands in hand, unless you are playing to lose.

If later, after the raise of any of your opponents, your mind hesitates between a call and a fold , it is preferable not to hesitate and immediately exit the hand.

It is also best not to be too creative after missing a flop in a Texas Hold’em Poker sit and go, you can make a continuation bet or two if you’ve tried a preflop raise with no luck – but in general, most poker pros who they use sit and gos always recommend reserving the action for hands in which you have high level cards.

The intermediate hands in Texas Hold’em Poker Sit & Go’s

During the middle stages of Texas Hold’em Poker sit and go tournaments, once the blinds have started to rise a little from the early stages and once the table has registered its first eliminations, the advice is to be a little less tight and adopt a playing strategy that suits your stack .

If your stack is good you can continue to play less aggressively , and bet especially from late position, using the size of the stack to your advantage, in order to put pressure on your opponents by raising with not-so-strong hands.

If, on the other hand, your stack is small, you need to change your strategy to try and change your fortunes.

Intermediate Hands in Texas Hold’em Sit &Gos (Small Stack)

The main advice is to start playing more aggressively by investing a little more chips in your hands, before due to the scarcity of your funds you do not make predictable all in with a random hand called just to reach a double up able to leave you still in the game.

At this point in your Texas Hold’em Poker sit and go you may want to try to make it difficult for players who raise compulsively, as long as you have enough chips to be taken seriously.

In fact at this point you will necessarily have to widen the range of hands to play, so even from middle position hands with at least an A and a K must be pushed as much as possible.

The final stages of the Texas Hold’em Poker Sit &Gos

When your Sit and Go Texas Hold’emPoler still sees only four players in play, you start getting serious and start raising much more often than before, in fact with a small stack this is a must, while with one large stack this strategy will allow you to collect lots of pots by attacking lower stacks.

One of the main fears of all players is obviously that of going out before the ” bubble ” and therefore you will necessarily have to use this situation to your advantage.

If you manage to reach the dreaded “ heads up ” the main advice is to go all in every time you have a decent hand; but we will dedicate an article to this particular situation in the next episodes.

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